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101010 (ten ten ten) - established in Japan (2020).


101010 stands for "Self-satisfaction" "Elation" "Creativity".
It expresses the moment of praise by giving a full score of 10 to all.

Choosing what to wear as a way of life.
We suggest choosing things for yourself, not for others.
We aim for items that are recognized by those who seek beauty in simplicity.

101010 pieces are carefully crafted with high-quality genuine leather that may be deemed "slightly imperfect" to make full use our precious resources. 

Each piece is special with its own natural imperfections, and we hope you will fall in love with the beautiful luster and feel of the leather that will become uniquely yours overtime.

Our design and business prioritizes minimizing waste and clutter, aiming to provide individuals with a comfortable and carefree lifestyle. The sleek and minimalistic designs created from lustrous genuine leather creates a chic look that complements any outfit. Choosing a bag is a simple step, and individuals are encouraged to reconsider their habit of carrying unnecessary items, reducing the amount of storage space they need. The bags are designed to guide the individuals towards an effortless lifestyle.

101010 LEATHERS was founded in Japan in February 2020 and has since been mainly sold through its own online store. We hold pop-up stores several times a year in Tokyo and Osaka department stores. Our pop-up store record includes Osaka Takashimaya (Feb 2020), Shibuya Marui (Nov 2020), Laforet Harajuku (Jan 2021), Hanshin Umeda Main Store (Feb 2021), Osaka Takashimaya (Feb 2021), Nakameguro, Tokyo (Jun 2021), Isetan Shinjuku Store (Oct 2021), Hanshin Umeda Main Store (Oct 2021), Isetan Shinjuku Store (Sanrio, Jan 2022), Hanshin Umeda Main Store (Mar 2022), Omotesando, Tokyo (May 2023), and Isetan Shinjuku Store (Sanrio, Aug 2023), and Shibuya MODI (Sep 2023).

101010 LEATHERS has also collaborated with Sanrio and artist Hina Mizoguchi in 2022.


Thank you for being here.

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